Chassis Kit

New Chassis Kit - Coming Soon

Making the chassis is usually the most expensive and difficult part of any electronics project. We have been experimenting with a chassis for this project which is made from 2.5mm thick fiberglass PC Board, with white silkscreen lettering over black. The front panel will be 3.2mm thick with black lettering over red. 

The advantage is that a PC Board manufacturing process produces a quality finished product at a lower cost for relatively small numbers, and it's a lot more convenient to use a single supplier compared to the individual processes of laser cutting, powder coating and screen printing. 

The extra thick 2.5 mm fiberglass is as strong as metal, and the underlying copper coating provides electrostatic shielding.

The only disadvantage is that the panel edges are raw fiberglass, so they need to be touched-up with a black permanent marker pen.

We expect to have some chassis kits ready soon for around A$180, including the full chassis kit, rear panel with white lettering, a red front panel with black lettering, and all corner brackets and screws.  This is a heck of a lot easier than trying to do it yourself but, for those brave souls with a metalworking bent and the right tools we will also placing the full metalwork drawings on the website.


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