New Solderless Kitset

We are now offering the RedRoo SE5 stereo amplifier as a solderless kitset. The kit has the same top quality components, but the PC Boards now come fully assembled and tested. All kits will come with a medical grade 12V bench power supply and you can order the kit with or without tubes.

If you can use a screwdriver and pliers, and follow the safety instructions, you can build this unique looking tube amplifier yourself. 

Please contact us if you do not require tubes or a pre-assembled PC board.

Speaking about tubes, as part of this change we have redesigned the PC Board to also take 12DW7/ECC832 tubes. The 12DW7 is a unique twin-triode tube where one section is a 12AX7 and the other a 12AU7. This is ideal for this preamp circuit where the second tube is a cathode follower (using the 12AU7 section). Another advantage is that the 12DW7 is made by JJ Tubes in the Slovak Republic which is not affected by the Russian import restrictions. JJ can now supply all the RedRoo tubes. You can still use the 12AT7EH or any other 12A?7 tube with greater than 140V heater-cathode voltage rating.


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