RedRoo is located in Sydney, Australia, and is dedicated to the electronics DIY enthusiast.  All RedRoo kits are designed for performance, quality, longevity, and ease of construction.  Our components are sourced from quality tier-1 suppliers and our customer service team are always there to help you should you need it.

We know a RedRoo kit will give you lots of enjoyment and satisfaction, because there is nothing like saying - I built it myself.

Meet the People

Phil Wait

The founder of RedRoo, Phil Wait, was lured in 1978 to the world of publishing to become staff engineer at Electronics Today International magazine (ETI), developing and describing do-it-yourself electronic projects for the monthly magazine. 

Among the wide variety of projects developed was a popular hi-fi amplifier featuring performance rivaling expensive brand-name equipment of the era and a metal detector that sold in the thousands as kits offered by many electronics retailers. Phil's personal favorite ETI project was a 140 Watt amplifier for guitarists that used four EL34 output tubes with 750 volts on their plates! Those were the days!

In 1982, and after having had over three months in a yacht race from Jakata to Rotterdam to think about the future, Phil left the rough and tumble of publishing to build the VitalCall medical alarm business into Australia‚Äôs leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of personal medical alarm systems and services.  

After the sale of Vitalcall to Chubb Security, Phil continued to manufacture and supply personal medical alarms under the FirstCall Medical Alarms brand. Phil is Chair of the industry association for Personal Emergency Response Services, past President of the Wireless Institute of Australia (the WIA), and represents the interests of medical alarm providers and radiocommunications users on various Standards Australia committees.

Phil has always had an interest in valve amplifier technology, and through the RedRoo business is now focusing on what he enjoys most.


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