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About Audio Transformers

Audio Transformers

There are few transformer applications more demanding than audio. An audio transformer is required to operate precisely over a very wide range of frequencies with little distortion or loss, but inevitably there are performance trade-offs and compromises associated with material limitations, construction difficulty, and cost.

The Red Roo PR5 preamplifier moving-coil option uses Lundahl step-up audio transformers that have an enviable reputation for accuracy and quality and can impedance-match a large variety of phono cartridges.

The Red Roo SE5 single-ended stereo amplifier uses our own audio output transformer that will satisfy all but the most fastidious audiophile. For those people who own top-end speakers and play master-quality recordings, the audiophile transformer option is available for an additional charge.

The Red Roo ‘Rooster’ guitar amplifier uses a large (and expensive compared to other amps) output transformer which delivers impressive sound with a large dynamic range. Any level of distortion ‘crunch’ can be wound by the player at any volume level, simply by adjusting the gain and volume controls. Together with the presence and depth controls, this allows the ultimate level of control over the sound. An optional ‘compression’ control allows the user to switch in compression in the output stage by limiting the output tubes screen current. This produces a sound similar to the onset of transformer core saturation and power supply sag.

For a full primer on transformers, download the pdf.


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