The RedRoo Vinyl Preamp is now available, both as a full kitset or an information pack with PC boards for people who want to roll their own. I've had it playing for the last few months and it sounds great. This is a high-quality kitset which will rival preamplifiers man...
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Here is a photo of the new RedRoo Guitar Amplifier, without its protective cover. This is a top-shelf guitar amplifier with all the controls that a musician needs to create their own unique sound. The kitset is in the final stages and will be available soon.  For most o...
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Here are first pictures of our prototype RIAA pre-amp that we were showing at the recent StereoNET Hi-Fi show in Melbourne. The preamp has either two switched moving-magnet phono inputs, or one moving-magnet and one moving-coil when fitted with Lundahl LL9226 step-up transfo...
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Come see the RedRoo SE5 up close, and first glimpses of our new RIAA Preamp, at the StereoNet HIFi show in Melbourne. Look for us on the Vinyl and Valves stand.3rd-5th June 2022, Pullman Convention and Events Centre, Albert Park.
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Valve Supply Update

April 19, 2022
Electro-Harmonix, the makers of Tung-Sol, Electro-Harmonix, EH Gold, Genalex Gold Lion, Mullard, Svetlana & Sovtek valves, announced that they have found a way around import restrictions and can continue to supply, for now. However, faced with mounting costs, they have ...
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Russian Valve Shortages

March 30, 2022
The supply of valves/tubes has been affected by the Ukraine conflict.  Electronic valves made at the New Sensor facility in Saratov, Russia, are under export/import embargoes. Tung-Sol, Electro-Harmonix, EH Gold, Genalex Gold Lion, Mullard, Svetlana and Sovtek brands ar...
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Over the Christmas period I've been working on the new RedRoo 'Lunchbox' guitar amplifier. It's recently been with some professional musicians here in Sydney and their early reports about the sound are 'glowing'. The 15-18 Watt RMS circuit uses progressive distortion techniq...
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While I've been locked up in Sydney during COVID I decided to give this project an upgrade. It now has a new precision cut, folded, powder coated metal chassis with screen-printed fiberglass front and back panels. Not cheap but looks great. The new chassis also required a PC...
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April 12, 2021

Free Download

Its been about three years since the initial design now, and quite a few RedRoo amps have been constructed in that time.  All the amps that I know about have been great performers and 100% trouble-free. I had the chance to do some tests and voltage measurements on some ...
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Circlotron Amplifier

June 25, 2019
For years I've been mucking around with valve amplifiers, much to the amusement of my family and friends. My first attempt was a version of what's called the Murray amplifier; a 20 watt per channel design by Australian Cyril Murray in the 1960's, which used 6CM5 television l...
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