RedRoo is located in Sydney, Australia.  All RedRoo kits are designed for performance, quality, longevity, and ease of construction.  Our components are sourced from quality tier-1 suppliers and our customer service team are always there to help you should you need it.

Our kits have been described as "industrial strength", so we know a RedRoo kit will give you lots of enjoyment and satisfaction. 

There is nothing like saying "I built it myself".

Phil Wait

RedRoo Kits was founded in 2018 by Phil Wait. Phil was winding down from from a long career in Medical Alarm Systems, having owned and directed the Vitalcall Medical Alarm business for many years until its sale to Chubb Electronic Security, and having spent the next 18 years continuing to manufacture Medical Alarm equipment at his surface-mount assembly plant in Sydney. 

Forty years earlier, while staff engineer at Electronics Today International magazine (ETI), Phil developed and described many do-it-yourself electronic projects for home constructors, including a 140 Watt amplifier for guitarists that used four EL34 output tubes with 750 volts on the plates! Those were the days!

So, rather than retirement, getting involved in DIY projects again seemed like an obvious thing to do, and fun too. So, why not another valve amplifier? Shortly after the RedRoo SE5 amplifier was born, and over the past couple of years the design has been refined to make it as easy as possible for DIY constructors. Later, the PR5 vinyl preamplifier and a novel highly versatile guitar amplifier, the "Flying Turtle" were added.

The SE5 has proven extremely successful and reliable, with many great sounding amps built by people from all sorts of backgrounds. The new preamplifier and guitar amplifier are also gaining popularity.

Phil is also Chair of the Australian industry association for Medical Alarms, past President of the Wireless Institute of Australia (WIA), and has represented the interests of medical alarm providers and radiocommunications users on various Australian Standards committee's. For downtime Phil races yachts (yes - the "Flying Turtle") and rides vintage motorbikes, if you can call any of that relaxation!


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