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Do you want to play Vinyl?    If so, you need an RIAA phono preamplifier.

The RedRoo RIAA phono preamplifier is in its final stages of development. Here are some quick photos of the prototype we had running at the StereoNET Hi-Fi show in Melbourne. The tubes shown are 2x 12AX7's and 2x ECC832/12DW7's. 

This kitset will be available shortly and will visually match our SE5 power amplifier. Both power and pre amplifiers will have either white or black lettering on the front panel (we can't decide which - maybe an option?).

The preamplifier will come, as standard, with two switchable moving-magnet (MM) phono inputs. Great if you have two turntables and want to que music.

For those lucky enough to have a moving-coil (MC) cartridge, one of the inputs can be converted to moving-coil by inserting two Lundahl LL9226 step-up transformers, or by using an external step-up transformer. You will then be able to switch between a MC input for really serious listening and a MM input for everyday music.

Just like the SE5 power amplifier, this preamplifier has been designed to eliminate any tricky assembly and any point-to-point wiring. All components, controls and sockets are mounted on a 2mm thick PC Board.

We expect the price for the standard (MM only) kitset to be around A$1,000 which is very reasonable for a top-quality tube RIAA phono input preamplifier kitset.

PC Board without MC transformers
PC Board without MC transformers

Together with the SE5

Together with the SE5

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