PR5 Phono Preamplifier

PR5 Vinyl Preamp

Do you want to play Vinyl? If so, you need an RIAA Phono Preamplifier.

The RedRoo PR5 RIAA phono preamplifier kitset is a perfect match for our SE5 power amplifier, or it can be used with any other power amplifier that accepts a line-level input. 

This preamplifier is designed to be simple to build, and for those who want the ultimate experience a weekend amp-camp is available in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney. Why not come with a friend and build one each.

The preamplifier has, as standard, two switchable moving-magnet (MM) phono inputs. Great if you have two turntables and want to que music. Tubes used are two 12AX7/ECC83 in the input stage and two 12DW7/ECC832 in the output stage. A very low output impedance can drive the most demanding load.

For those lucky enough to have a moving-coil (MC) cartridge, one of the inputs can be converted to moving-coil by inserting two Lundahl LL9226 step-up transformers, or by using an external step-up transformer (both additional cost). You will then be able to switch between a MC input for really serious listening and a MM input for everyday music. (This function is still in testing).

Just like the SE5 power amplifier, this phono preamplifier kitset has been designed to eliminate any tricky assembly and any point-to-point wiring. All components, controls and sockets are mounted directly on a 2mm thick PC Board.

We've made it as simple as possible to build while still keeping the highest quality of components and performance.  We rate this preamp difficulty level 3  - it contains hazardous voltages of 280V DC.

The cost is very reasonable for a top-quality tube RIAA phono input preamplifier kitset. The PC Boards are also available with full technical details for experienced constructors who prefer to roll their own.

PC Board without MC transformers
PC Board without MC transformers


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