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"Flying Turtle" Guitar Amp.

  Create your own sound with this remarkably compact tube guitar amplifier kitset

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The new RedRoo Guitar Amplifier Kits have been on trial with professional Guitarists for most of this year, and they are giving glowing reports.

Here are some quick photos of one of the prototypes. 

The preamplifier section is a multi-stage progressive distortion design, with several 12AX7 stages in cascade, alternatively biased hot and cold. An effects loop can be connected between the preamplifier and power amplifier sections, with an effects by-pass switch if not required.

The power amplifier section uses a 12AT7 voltage amplifier and an NPN transistor phase splitter driving the output stage. The output stage is push-pull using either EL34 or 6L6 tubes giving about 18 Watts RMS into 4, 8, or 16 Ohm speakers. Using a different type of output transformer it can also be configured as a parallel/single-ended output stage giving about 8 Watts of pure Class-A sound from two 6V6s. Presence and Depth controls tailor the feedback response around the output section.

The front panel has controls for Gain, Bass Midrange and Treble, Volume, Presence, and Depth. This combination gives you a great ability to tailor the sound to your taste. The separate gain and volume controls allow you to adjust the amount of overdrive at any volume level.

There is a mute switch with its own indicator light, and, for kitset safety, like the SE5 stereo amplifier, the power supply uses an external 12V 10A desktop power adaptor.

The rear panel has 6.5mm jack connections for the effects loop and speaker outputs and an effects bypass switch. 

Like other RedRoo amplifier designs, all components in Guitar Amplifier Kits are mounted on a PC Board so tricky point-to-point wiring is minimised. The front panel components (potentiometers etc.) can either be soldered-in, or plugged-in for ease of assembly and replacement.

RedRoo kits are top-of-the-range Guitar Amplifier Kits with professional-grade components. We don't know the exact kit price yet, but it will be very competitive. We also need to finalise the documentation and work out a name. (Everyone likes the name "Flying Turtle" so looks like it's RedRoo's "Flying Turtle" amplifier. The same name as a sailing boat on Sydney Harbour but seems to have its origin in folk law*).

The kitset will be available soon, so, if you are interested or need any further information, please contact us. Keep watching this space.

We are currently finalising the documentation, and we need a name. (Everyone likes the name "Flying Turtle" (the same name as a sailing boat on Sydney Harbour) so at this time it looks like the "Flying Turtle" guitar amplifier. 

A flying turtle is a mythical creature in various cultures and folklore around the world. In some stories, the flying turtle is said to have wings or to be able to fly using some kind of magic.

In Chinese mythology, there is a story about a giant flying turtle named Ao who carried the weight of the world on its back. In some Native American legends, the turtle is seen as a symbol of the earth and the heavens and is believed to have the ability to fly between the two.

In popular culture, there have been depictions of flying turtles in cartoons, video games, and other forms of media. For example, the video game character Bowser, from the Mario series, is often portrayed as a flying turtle with wings.

The Guggenheim Museum has Constantin Brancusi's sculpture "Flying Turtle" which for Brancusi represented transformational potential. "By imaginatively endowing the subject with flight, Brancusi created an emblem of the lowliest creature’s ability to transcend its station", (sounds appropriate these days for a valve amplifier).


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