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Guitar Amplifier Now Available for Order

The Red Roo Guitar Amplifier is Here.

The Red Roo Guitar Amplifier is now available for advanced purchase.

Like all Red Roo amplifiers, it uses only top-quality components and is easy to build by anyone with a little electronic construction experience. It's a stand-alone "lunchbox" type amplifier so you will need to use a separate guitar speaker.

This is a fully featured progressive-distortion design with a Fender-type tone stack. Presence and Depth controls in the negative feedback path allow you to further tailor the sound and there are separate gain and volume controls so you can create your own unique sound at any volume level.

So far, several amplifiers have been built in both 18-watt push-pull Class-AB and 8-watt single-ended Class-A configurations. They all sound great.

The tubes used in Class AB are two x EL34 (or 6L6, KT77 etc. output tubes), two x 12AX7, and one 12AT7. Class-A uses two 6V6 output tubes and a different output transformer.

Contact us for more information and for pricing with or without tubes or the protective cover. The current kit lead time is 4-6 weeks to allow for parts and metalwork delivery.


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