SOLDERLESS OPTION - PC boards come fully assembled and tested. just screw it together and be playing music in super quick time..... Free delivery within Australia.

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While I've been locked up in Sydney during COVID I decided to give this project an upgrade. It now has a new precision cut, folded, powder coated metal chassis with screen-printed fiberglass front and back panels. Not cheap but looks great. The new chassis also required a PC Board redesign. 

I've also included a headphone attenuator which can match various impedance headphones (supplied for common 32 Ohm headphones but can be changed for other impedances).

It's come together so well I'm now confident to release it as a full kitset, with all parts except the valves and the 12V external power supply module. These parts are easily available from other suppliers so currently it doesn't make any sense to double handle them with all the associated freight and overhead costs.

Many of the original amps have been built and this one looks to be even better. I hope you like it.

My next project is a guitar amplifier. It's about 50% finished so far.


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