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RedRoo PR5 Vinyl Preamp Now Available

The RedRoo Vinyl Preamp is now available, both as a full kitset or an information pack with PC boards for people who want to roll their own.

I've had it playing for the last few months and it sounds great. This is a high-quality kitset which will rival preamplifiers many times the cost. Its a great partner for the SE5 power amplifier.

As far as moving coil cartridge inputs go; I'm still waiting for two Moving Coil transformers, so I haven't listened to that option yet, but hopefully soon. I think using input transformers is a good idea for this type of preamp to provide the 20dB or so gain required in addition to the moving magnet input.  

I'm expecting many people that have an expensive moving-coil cartridge to also have an external step-up transformer they want to use - hence the second input with moving magnet sensitivity. Most tubes are too noisy in this application, and really too difficult for anybody but the most hardened constructor. A good option, and far less expensive, is to use solid state and there are some excellent low-noise IC's available such as the Analogue Devices AD797 (still expensive but a lot less than a transformer).

As 12V DC is available I could easily do a solid-state plug-in alternative to the transformers in order to cut down the cost of the moving-coil option - if there is enough interest. Please let me know what you think.

Stop Press - It's now June 2023 and quite a few preamp kits have been sold. It's a real winner and getting great feedback for the sound quality and low noise floor. Most sold have been Solderless kits.


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