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Chassis Kit

Making the chassis is usually the most expensive and difficult part of any electronics project. We have been experimenting with a chassis for this project which is made from 2.5mm thick fiberglass PC Board, with white silkscreen lettering over black. The front panel will be 3.2mm thick with black lettering over red.  The advantage is that a PC Board manufacturing process produces a quality finished product at a lower cost for relatively small numbers, and it's a lot more convenient to use a...

April 12, 2021


Its been about three years since the initial design now, and quite a few RedRoo amps have been constructed in that time.  All the amps that I know about have been great performers and 100% trouble-free. I had the chance to do some tests and voltage measurements on some that have had daily use, and they were all still spot-on. After embarking on what was basically a hobby project, I've decided to put the entire design and construction details up on this website as a free download, and to off...

April 12, 2021

Circlotron Amplifier

For years I've been mucking around with valve amplifiers, much to the amusement of my family and friends. My first attempt was a version of what's called the Murray amplifier; a 20 watt per channel design by Australian Cyril Murray in the 1960's, which used 6CM5 television line-output valves. I used PL509 valves for a bit more power. Cyril Murray went on to build amplifiers for the Sydney Opera House and his work was very well respected.  Later I made a 60 Watt 'circlotron' design using fou...

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